Water Transmission Segment

Water Transmission and Surge Analysis

Oman Pumps has been part of many major pump station projects across the country for close to 30 years in the water transmission segment.As a local Omani company, we have been a key player in the supply, installation and commissioning of pumps at over 25 pumping stations.

A major advantage lies in the ability to use our facilities in Rusayl for carrying out maintenance and refurbishment of these pumps for years after installation.To further strengthen our presence in this segment, we have partnered with KSB, Germany in order to provide world class solutions for the local municipal transmission segment.

We offer our expertise in providing Surge Analysis for transmission and distribution networks. We carry out the surge analysis in-house using sophisticated software and are able to recommend the vessel sizing based on the network analysis. Our surge vessels are sourced from Europe.



Products and Services

We offer the following products and services in this segment:

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of large water transmission pumps and related works.
  • Pipe work fabrication according to site conditions.
  • Service facility to overhaul bigger transmission pumps.
  • Trained technicians and experienced supervisors to handle bigger pump retrofit works.
  • Pumps suitable for sea water intake, desalination, marine and power stations.
  • Site analysis and troubleshooting of water transmission municipal pump station works.
  • In-house control panel manufacturing to suit site conditions.
  • Annual maintenance contracts for water transmission pumps.
  • Surge vessels.
  • Surge Analysis

  • Expertise in network transient analysis as well as modelling for water and waste water.
  • Analysis carried out utililizing leading industry approved international software.

    "Decades of expertise in providing Surge Analysis for transmission and distribution networks."





    Globally Benchmarked Range Of Products And Services In Water Transmission and Surge Analysis.